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Online Food Order Script, Grubhub and Eat24hours Scripts

Have you gone tired of food ordering by phone? The hassles that you get doing this are enough to ruin your appetite, even before you are able to place your order. Most often you wait for what seems like an eternity because you were put on hold, while the person at the other end is trying to find the answer to your questions.

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Multi Language Support

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Customer Login with Social Media Accounts

Payment Gateway support

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SMS, FAX & Phone Integration

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Search by Area (postal code)


The area which I’m looking for is at such a long distance. Whom do I know there? How will I identify the best restaurant matching my taste and quality expectation with all facilities and delivery options?

Rewards System


Customize each and every section of your website so that it matches with your logo admirably! we offer the best custom design option for modifying the colors of website background.

Offers Management


I visit a restaurant all the time with my friends and family. The taste pulls me out there every time. I would feel so happy if I’m given a credit for my frequent visit. But what am I getting except the service tax and bill amount every time?

Book a table


Every time I enter a popular restaurant to enjoy a dinning, I get fed up looking at the crowd occupying all tables there! Waiting at times of hunger, looking at others enjoying their food when I wait – Yuk! It bothers me so much.

Google Map Integration


My friend was talking about a restaurant somewhere in New York. But I’m not sure where exactly it is. The street name and the actual location of the restaurant are unknown. Whom shall I ask?

Social Media Integration

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There has been a rapid change in the online media, especially with the social media developments. Facebook, twitter, google plus, orkut and a lot more keeps the users online for hours together every day.

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