Search by Area (postal code)

Customer can find out location of specific or any restaurants by clicking Area, City and Postcodes in a website easily.It is user-friendly and helps the customer to find the restaurants address quickly.Restaurants address are identified exactly by using these options.Customer can filter unnecessary restaurants via these options.

Offers Management

The main concept of the offer management is providing offers to the customers based on percentage, prices and validity.This offer management attracts more customers to the restaurants.Restaurants gains more profits and enlarge their business.Restaurant and site owners can create the offer management option in a website easily.

Delivery postcodes with Min order & Delivery charge

Restaurant owners can separate or extract delivery process for specific areas via city and postcodes.Restaurant owners can allocate delivery payments according to delivery postcodes easily. Restaurant owners can restrict delivery process to specific areas by delivery postcodes.Restaurant owners can assign delivery fees based on delivery postcodes. This is only applicable for restaurant and site owners.

Book a table

Customer can make a table reservation in advance by mentioning exact date and time.Table reservation saves time when they dine in the restaurant during rush hours or weekends.Table reservation is comfort for families or friends treat in peak seasons.Table reservation can be done by anytime and at anywhere (just visit Comeneat.com ).

Google Map Integration

Customer can find exact location of the restaurants easily and quickly.The Google map integration saves times in searching of the specific restaurants for customers. More customers are attracted to the restaurants via this facility.This Google map integration avoids need of customer support for inquiry restaurant address.

Gprs Integration

The main concept of GPRS integration to setup time for delivery orders of the restaurants.Restaurants can accept or reject orders after receiving order from the customer request via GPRS.Restaurants can concern delivery time of food order with customer quickly via GPRS. Delivery order can be tracked by restaurants via GPRS.

Fax Integration

The main concept of Fax integration to setup time for delivery orders of the restaurants.Fax integration improves response time of the restaurants owners during ordering or delivery process.Fax integration saves hardware, software and IT maintenance cost. Fax integration provides maximum integration flexibility for restaurants owners during ordering process.

Social Media Integration

Customer can share their reviews with Social media sites such as Facebook, etc.Restaurants sites are attracted by more customers and becomes more publicity via Social media sites.Customer can make an online food order in Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.Restaurants owners can build shareable contents of their own restaurant sites in social media integration in order to get loyal customers.

Payment gateway [card save, postfinance, sagepay]

Our Payment method ensures high security for customers to pay money via secured online payment gateway integration such as Stripe, Card save, Postfinance, Sagepay.Customer payment details will be protected in highly confidential manner and third party issues regarding payment.Customer can access the payment via payment gateway by mobile apps also easily and quickly during online ordering process.Customer can collect deposit payments or the full order amount using payment gateway.

Invoice Management

Invoice management generates order processing details of restaurants systematically and accurately for Weekly once/twice, Monthly once/twice etc. Invoice management also generates exact commission charges and service tax for each ordering process. Invoice management reduces burden of the restaurant owners regarding cash delivery from the site owners. Admin panel can view the order processing details of restaurants with commission charges and service tax accurately in a simple manner This is applicable for both restaurant and admin panel.

Commission Management

Our commission management system is designed to comfort transaction process of the customer such as order price, commission percentage, commission price with date. Restaurants owners can view the commission charges for each ordering process of the customers exactly and easily.It delivers accurate service or commission charges to the customer whenever you order the food via online. Commission management system reduces the work of the admin panel during cash delivery process of the restaurants owners.

Open/close/time table options for restaurant owner for emergency

In case of emergency purpose such as (fire accident, disaster, etc) restaurants owner can use these options in a their own restaurant website.Open and close are default option available in the restaurant sites Time table options are mandatory for restaurants websites and must be decided only by restaurant owners.Customers can view the timings of the restaurants by using these three options in the restaurants sites.

Delivery address based on Google map

Google map displays all restaurants of the specific areas quickly so customer can make food order via online in nearby restaurants.Google map is an user-friendly tool so customers can view pick-up addresses and delivery areas when they order food via online.This facility is also available for the mobile version. Google map shows exact location of all the restaurants in the particular areas. Restaurants gets more delivery orders via Google map easily.

FB likes for restaurant & home page

Customer can prefer their likes in FB & Twitter regarding services of the restaurants websites.Restaurants owners can view the ratings of their own restaurant websites in order to improve the business.Online is booming the world so customer can make an online food order via FB, Twitter etc easily and quickly.Restaurants gets more profits and publicity via FB & Twitter. Customer can view the homepage of the restaurants sites.

Google GPS

Customer can click an option called “Let us find youâ€Â, which permits you to view full address location of the restaurants.Customer can find exact route location of the restaurants via Google GPS.Customer orders can be tracked with help of the Google GPS.User can find the exact and nearby location of the restaurant via Google GPS.

Ordering Widget

Easily customize the order in which dashboard widgets display for Restaurant owners. We provide various plugins like Delivery setting (Area/Google GPS), Payment integration, Multiple tax options, Add-ons Management etc.

Push Notifications

Engage your most loyal customers with outlet-level targeted push notifications on their smartphones.


Online wallet allows the customers to store and control their online ordering information, like logins, passwords, delivery address and credit card details, in one central place. The wallet is a secure digital wallet where the customers can store money and use it to quickly pay for their food. It secures them from payment failures and gives them seamless refunds when necessary.

Android Restaurant App

An Android and iOS Application helps the restaurant owners to implement the system by which the customers can order food through their mobiles phones or tablet, and the restaurant owners can see the orders and reports. Android Restaurant App is dedicated in helping the patrons to find the best food and dining experiences. Whether the patrons are away on business, on holiday or just looking for a nice place to eat after work, the choice on offer can be sometimes overwhelming. This is where restaurant finding and review apps come in. They try to provide you with information on your nearest places to eat and feedback on what other customers think of them. Browse through restaurant menus, photos, user reviews and ratings to decide where you want to eat, and use the map feature to guide you there.


Deal of the day also called as daily deal or flash sales or one deal a day. Under this Restaurant owner can offer single merchandise for sale for a period of 24 to 36 hours. The customers who were registered receives online offers and invitations by email or social networks. Once the minimum numbers of deals have been sold, customers' credit cards are charged. The promotional value of the vouchers purchased from deal of the day typically expires after a certain period but maintain the original value paid.


A discount voucher is a type of financial discount incentive that allows the customers to order food at reduced prices. Vouchers of this type are often structured with what is known as a voucher code, a simple alphanumeric sequence to ensure that the proper discount is applied to the order. Discount vouchers may be obtained through the email or online with the terms of the voucher identifying the start and ending dates.

Dispatch System

Dispatch system is a procedure for delivery drivers or vehicles to customers. With vehicle dispatching, customers are matched to vehicles according to the order in customer’s location. The dispatcher communicates with the driver of each vehicle via two-way radio.

Real time tracking to customer

This provides real-time arrival information and to view the predicted arrival time. One of the major benefits of tracking is that customers can view vehicle progress in real time.

Delivery driver manage

An app for drivers is a real time tracking solution. Delivery Manager enables the restaurant owners to improve the efficiency of the local delivery. The outcome of each delivery is recorded by the delivery driver app. It manages the delivery business with ease.

Delivery drivers app

This is a delivery app with vehicle tracking for android which has the ability to track unlimited deliveries. This app stores the data like the order amount, tips, miles driven, out of area surcharges etc. Delivery driver app helps to enter the address where you want to go and if this is an apartment then you would be able to save the exact location of that apartment, hence, next time you need to go to that apartment it will be very easy to find it because the map screen will show you where it is located

100% Secure Code

Due to secure coding the customers are safe from threats and software vulnerabilities. Comeneat provides 100% secure code to the customers and Restaurant owners.

iOS Customer app

Expand the customer base by offering custom ios apps for restaurant owners and to better fit their needs by extending the capabilities of their iOS devices. There's a growing market opportunity for the iOS platform.

Android driver & iOS driver app

Driver App is available for both Android operating system and iOS. The customers and Restaurant owners can make use of it as per their requirement.

Resposive Layout

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the device one is viewing with. This is the Responsive Grid System, a quick, easy and flexible way to create column layout here. Page layout can be described with terms like fixed, static, liquid, adaptive, responsive, and more

Premium admin panel

Premium admin dashboard with flat design can be used for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS. Configure anything to everything about your websites on your admin panel. There are many tasks which can be done with the administrator interface.

Language Translate

The built-in language studio displays the application in a user-specific language including English, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, German and French. The main feature of this app is zero translation cost.

Free Installation

Extensive support will be provided for the installation applications. Get free support for all installed questions.

Twilio integration for SMS

Apps built with ease using Twilio SMS can be used to create alerts, notifications, appointment reminders and more. Build an SMS app in minutes and Twilio SMS makes it easy to leverage text messaging applications for customer outreach and mobile marketing.

Copyrights removal

The exclusive and assignable legal rights will given to the restaurant owners for a fixed number of years.

Domain Licenses (3-Live Server, Local Sever and Dev environment)

Domain Licenses (3-Live Server, Local Sever and Dev environment)

Life Time Support - After Sales for Bugs & Errors

For sales and support, sales support team will assist the restaurant owners. We are 100% dedicated in representing the Comeneat.

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