How to Choose the Best Mobile POS System for your Restaurant?

A cafe mobile POS framework is essentially a handheld POS framework. Normally this is an Android tablet or an iPad. A handheld POS makes your request taking procedure quicker. Making the progression of requests smoother; How? With a handheld POS framework, the server can go to numerous tables one after another. Without moving forward and backward to the POS framework, regularly set in one corner of the eatery.  

Back in the days, there were massive POS frameworks in eateries. All other outer associations must be set close to the principle framework, leaving the counter table, a ‘wired’ mess. Also, server would take orders, walk right to this physical framework, punch the request, at that point transport the Kitchen Order Ticket to the kitchen, get readied sustenance things and buss them to the table. You can envision this is a convoluted work process.

In any case, with the prologue to portable POS frameworks, order preparing has turned out to be increasingly composed. The portable POS gadgets today are minimal and simpler to bear. Your portable eatery POS framework deals with every one of the activities you could consider – charging, stock to information reports. What’s more, what’s better? You can get to it from anyplace!

What is a portable POS (mPOS) framework?

As the name proposes, a mobile POS framework, regularly alluded to as mPOS, is any convenient gadget through which you can get to your café’s POS framework, regardless of where you’re positioned in the eatery. Servers convey tablets or iPads and do everything on them that you would in an ordinary POS framework. What’s more, getting to your business information is simpler with a portable POS framework. Regardless of whether you’re out for a gathering, you should simply sign into your POS programming on this gadget and you’re ready.

A versatile POS gadget could be anything, a cell phone, tablet, or workstation. Anything that can be advantageously conveyed without stressing over the size or weight

The real intersection where most eateries stall out at is, Android tablet POS framework or iPad POS framework? This in the long run prompts the subject of working frameworks and which one to pick.

Which mobile eatery POS gadget would it be advisable for you to utilize?

While mobile POS is exceptionally advantageous and makes your activity smooth, you frequently chance upon inquiries like, “Which POS Operating System would it be advisable for me to use for my café?” or “Which portable eatery POS gadget will be the best for me?”

You can respond to this inescapable inquiry once you’re very much aware of the two Operating Systems and all that they offer. In light of this, you can choose which mobile POS framework would be the ideal fit for your eatery.

Let us look at these two operating systems individually, following which you can form an opinion and take a decision.

Restaurant Android mobile POS System

As far back as first experience with the market, Android has been the main working framework since 2011. Despite the fact that Apple has a progressively impressive intrigue, individuals favor Androids for the numerous highlights it offers, at an actually better than average cost.

Android POS advantages

Financially savvy

A mobile android POS framework can be purchased at a reasonable cost. Establishment cost is likewise low. Contingent upon the sum you are happy to put resources into your eatery the executive framework; you can choose which android POS gadget would enable you to run better.

A selection of sizes and structure factors

Android has a lot of alternatives for you to look over. Huge amounts of various makers and organizations with different sorts of models. You can pick the size that works best for your eatery.

Simple to utilize

Androids are easy to use and worked so that it tends to be effectively worked by somebody who is utilizing it out of the blue.


Android POS frameworks have extensive extra rooms so you can be exhaustive about your information. You can even pick outside memory stockpiling that is adaptable as far as extension.


Not exclusively is an Android POS framework reasonable, but at the same time it’s entirely tough with regards to broad utilization. In the event that you are an actually quick paced eatery you wouldn’t need to stress over slight mileage. The gadgets can be effectively supplanted, in the event that that occurs.

Life of the gadget

The life of an Android POS framework is extensively long. The normal life expectancy of an ordinary Android tablet is 4-5 years. Be that as it may, on the other hand, it additionally relies on the sort of undertakings it is exposed to.

Programming updates

Android being an open framework permits smooth updates in the POS programming framework without upsetting the day by day elements of your eatery.


Android POS equipment frameworks have a ton of ports that can be associated with different peripherals and outer gadgets. The product also can be shaped and redid as per the eatery type, seasons, celebrations, flow patterns, and so forth.

Restaurant iPad mobile POS System

While Androids perhaps less expensive, iPads are synonymous without breaking a sweat of utilization; iPads request a more expensive rate, simply because of the quality administrations given by iOS. Not to overlook the smooth constructed. Additionally, they simply look cooler.

iPad POS advantages


From a designer’s point of view, iOS offers a superior platform for new applications. It is fast in refreshing applications that have a mass intrigue. The diverse applications will enable you to change your POS framework as indicated by what’s going on in the eatery business.

Better intrigue

All Apple products have a delightful form that catches the eyes of most. In all honesty, the slim and sparkly look additionally adds to Apple gadgets being increasingly celebrated.

Normal life

An iPad lives for around 4 years. It could be less if overwhelming assignments are being performed on it.

Exceedingly secure

iOS’s inward framework is exceptionally secure and henceforth it can’t be broken into, as every framework is one of a kind in its assembled. It’s additionally dynamic in its security updates. Client protection is a need for Apple thus their product refreshes are visit and expects you to stress less over your information going into the wrong hands.

Synchronized associations

Every one of the adornments that accompany the equipment is in finished match up. This implies regardless of whether there is a conceivable rupture in protection, the bugs can be effectively recognized and expelled from all the matched up gadgets.

Food ordering web development company

No one knows your restaurant better than you. Both Android and iPad POS systems can be customized according to your restaurant’s requirements. You can revise the features of your POS system regularly with ease.

Your POS system is the powerhouse of your restaurant. One on hand, it simplifies the most basic tasks like billing and on the other, all important inventory reports, customer data and more.  

After having carefully analyzed the different features of both, as a restaurant owner, it truly comes down to your decision for the kind of mobile POS operating system that would go well with your restaurant. Choosing an mPOS system that will help you, in the long run, makes more sense than investing in something that would require constant supervision and care.

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