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If you’re wondering what to eat this evening, don’t worry. Just Eat has recommendations – and they’re based on your previous orders.

Just Eat has teamed up with Google to decide how “adventurous” you are, and it’s using this data to recommend what you should order next.

If you’ve ordered from Just Eat before, you’re probably sitting somewhere on the app’s own ‘Adventurous Index’.

Just Eat has used 5.5 billion Google Cloud features to analyse its customers’ ordering habits and to place them somewhere on the scale. The app then uses this data to tailor its marketing content and user experience to either group.

For example, if your eating habits match the requirements of a “mid-adventurous” customer, you’ll primarily be recommended restaurants that serve your most ordered food. “Adventurous” eaters, on the other hand, will be offered listings for a much wider variety of food types, encouraging those users to branch out and try something new.

According to Google, this has led to customers being a bit less dull with their ordering choices, and has brought business to a more diverse set of restaurants.

Along with Google Cloud’s machine learning tech, Just Eat also uses BigQuery to analyse customer data and the company’s Cloud Pub/Sub to message app users with new offers in real time.

“Consumer food choice is a hugely nuanced topic,” said Just Eat director of customer platforms Matt Cresswell.

“We know that individuals have their own unique journeys when they use Just Eat. We’ve sought to create a truly one-to-one relationship with every customer. The changes we’ve made to the platform mean they can access the dishes they enjoy at the touch of a fingertip, and find inspiration to discover new dishes they’ll love. We’re grateful to Google Cloud for helping us support our customers on their culinary explorations.”

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