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E-wallets are digital payment solution that store payment information on smart phone. This data can incorporate credit card, debit and prepaid card details.
Online food ordering, restaurant listing and food delivery service Comeneat 2.0 has introduced Wallet payments for ordering food. The latest version of the iOS and Android applications allows users to pay for orders through wallets.
Online wallet allows the customers to store and control their online ordering information, like logins, passwords, delivery address and credit card details, in one central place. The wallet is a secure digital wallet where the customers can store money and use it to quickly pay for their food. It secures them from payment failures and gives them seamless refunds when necessary.
Increased customer use of mobile wallet technology has beneļ¬ts for businesses of all sizes.
  • Reduced fraud - mobile wallets are harder to steal or duplicate than cards or cash
  • Decreased payment time - especially important for high-volume businesses
  • Lower fees - processing fees are expected to decrease over time relative to traditional cards
  • Better customer loyalty - built through sales and incentives sent directly to smart phones
Secondly customers can pay money in cashless form and carry out transaction without using cash. Wallet payment is safe and secure mobile payment solution. It also helps in faster and secured online shopping
Suppose if a customer does not have sufficient amount in wallet to pay for ordered food, the remaining amount can be paid as cash on delivery. Customer can add money to the wallet using card to proceed the transaction with wallet payment and also can withdraw the money from wallet to their own bank account if needed
Customers can also view their balance amount of their wallet. All the paid, received and Top-up transactions done by the customer with their details will be listed in the transaction history page.
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